A Tear


A tear fell on my pillow this morn.

An awakening shone as a tiny dew drop.

Junctions in the atmosphere then consumed it.


A gilded feather passed o’er my furrowed brow.

This noble thought was felt.

Sound rung familiar as a door bell.


A darkened figure laid by my charred image.

It was the dark of night.

Hoping – searching for a place to saturate.


A tiny speck left flecks across the walls.

These floated down – across – mid the ground.

Tangible web could connect the dots.


A numbness buzzed in my ear drum.

Rain streaked the rainbow painting.

The reverberating sound(s) etched in articulation.


A sharpened razor found its home in a drawer.

Heat formed a straight line.

Heaven’s gates proved well defined.


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