Puffy Fluffy: Our Hamster


Puffy Fluffy looks out his cage.

He wants to roll and play.

Many times, we’ll place him

In his hamster ball so he can

roll around on the floor.

He can get trapped between

stuff though – confined a-gain.

Or he can’t get o’er things.

Especially raised sections, in the floor,

that divide off each room.

Blocking off a room does help.

Puffy does get to run free.

That’s what he loves best.

Quickly he’ll disappear.

Then we’ll need to find him.

In minutes, he’s anywhere.

He’ll find spots where he

can’t be reached.

With electronics everywhere, we have to

watch he doesn’t chew on wires.

Because he can and will.

At night Puff”s eager to explore.

His owners are ready for bed.

For hours, he’ll chew on the bars of his cage.

He can’t get out that way.

Puffy fluff’s expression says – don’t confine me.

Hamsters are nocturnal – night creatures.

They sleep during the day.

Shss… don’t bother him now.  He’s

burrowed in his wood chip bedding.

Every day his water is checked to

see if it’s full and clean.  Then his

food is emptied and filled up again.

Once a week we wipe out his cage

then replace his bedding.

He loves to run in his cage wheel.

It’s easy for him to get in and out off.

It’s a medium sized, plastic,

wheel that stands on its own.

As it goes around it makes a soft turning sound.

He has two cages – attached together.

In an, removable, upper compartment he likes to sleep.

He has to climb up, through some tubes, to get to it.

There’s a narrow circular dome attached to the side of his cage.

That’s where he likes to store food.

There’s two, inner, ledges for him to rest on.

He likes those.  He’ll just sit there and look out.

His food dish is attached to his cage.

A Lit bowl just barely touches the ledge.

His food stays clean when higher up.

His color is light brown.

He has a white strip under his chin going

all the way around.

Would you like to play with him?

He’s most likely asleep a-gain.

But so cute is he.

Would you like to see – pick up Puffy Fluffy?

Maybe you’ll be allowed to have one of your own.

Pet store care many varieties, in hamsters.

Maybe read up on the type you’d like first.

Ours is a teddy bear hamster.  They’re extra fluffy.

We just love him; he’s great!

Strong Suggestions:

It takes at least a month for your hamster to

feel safe with you.

Give them space to adjust to their new cage.

They may try to bite, at first, if you pick them up –

especially if you’ve just eaten.

Wash your hands before and after handling your pet.

After a few months of having Puffy Fluffy he started

giving us Lil tongue licks.  That’s how they kiss.

That’s also how you know your pet’s starting to feel safe.

Never bathe your pet.  That drops their

temperature and could give them a deathly cold.

You can sprinkle them with a spray bottle.

They sure don’t feel happy when you do.

You want your pet to trust you.

They are a very clean animal.

They will daily clean themselves.

Keeping their cage clean will extend their life.


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