Swim Swan Swim


white swan


Along the banks of a discriminate
shoreline some do reside –
make their abode.
Lil children dip n play safely
along this bay.

A swan glides along in these tepid waters.
A full bodied, white, shadow – essence –
moves alongside its gorgeous bodice.
As you watch you can see the
shadow yawn, stretch, narrows –
lengthen o’er these still waters.
Its own idealistic quintessence
on display for the viewing.

The sun is luminous, reflective above.
I hear a form whisper,
you are one of my lovely ones.
Don’t change. I don’t wish it so.
Stay true – the real you whiles,
reflects beautifully.

Swim swan Swim. Dance swan Dance.
Play swan Play.
This place is not forever – always.
Enjoy while you may.



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