Farms Are Colorful

hay bales

See the Red farm barn.

See the Yellow hay.

Those brown cows pasture during the day.

Hear the Moo sounds? 

Moo – moo – moo. 

Cowboys guide them around brown fences.

Green is the corn stalks growing in rows.

Too many to count.  More than your ten toes.

Orange is the tractor used to cut the lawn.

It takes a while before the mowing is done.

Blue is for galoshes worn outside.

They keep one’s feet clean and dry.


Pink piglets squeal oink as they please.

Oink – oink – oink.

While white fleecy goats say baa. 

Baa – baa – baa. 

The hens cluck while laying white eggs.

Cluck – cluck – cluck. 

A farm is a friendly place.

You should visit some day.                   


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