A Parakeet : A Poem


Yellow is the birdie;

green is underneath.

Hear me sing.

Sing – sing – sing.

See me puff – flap my wings.

Black flecks cover each of these;

black – yellow blend near the tips end.


Small eyes are dark as night.

Mostly by day they fly.

It’s easier to see, find food,

glide with ease.

All birds make nests in trees.


Green dabs along my chest and top.

Mostly I’m yellow

like summer sunflowers.

In the sky birds pass by.

Hello – goodbye.

Summer is when they enjoy the sun.


My Parakeet resides in a cage.

It stays open all day.

Go: fly anyplace.

Your home is my place.

We share this space.


My other parakeet is all white.

He’s shyer than the other one.

So bottled up never has much fun.

Can’t fly right.

Other guides the way –

during the night and day.


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