Goliath Sunflower

exceptional sunflower alisa

Will I not bid thee grow so tall?

Amongst the evergreens till fall.

Then you can gather at My gate.

A bountiful crop harvested – gained.

I bid thee well – I bid thee well.

Will thy roots fail this yield?

While – bade those who long to steal.

I desire that you should grow.

To know healing.  Know advance.

I bid thee increase – I bid thee increase.

Sunflower kiss fervent lips.

Nay – sun should remiss.

Prayer – whilst not dismiss.

Plan for bliss – plan for bliss.

Steady doth this plant still grow.

For I have beckoned it so.

Every day I’ve noticed its way.

Its way to Me.

Its way to stay.

I bid thee remain – I bid thee remain.
In but a for-night,

sun-drenched flower

blossoms – gleams.

Yellow supreme.

Shine thus bright – shine thus bright.


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