: Shallow Vessel

waterfall raging

Charred – darkened with sharpened razor or knife…

Ready to cut; ready to slice.

Fractured, fragmented putrid vice – deviant device.

Cold from despair…

Empty from u-resolve?

Merely disdainful – judgmental ti’s all.

Mercy lacking – u-kind words stacking.

Never understand a moment’s grace.

Never stop to hesitate.

All they do is spill…hate…hate…hate.

Never shown what else to do…

At any right, why negate?

Circles swirl, cold, u-kind words unfurl.

Hollow vanity – shallow humanity.

N-thin to give, so take instead.

Pure – pale, faceless;

handsome – pretty face.

Blood affluent at your estate.

No chance to bless this race.

Step onto or o’er to gain

pace – preferable place.

Precocious, callous, buffet displayed.

Feast bleeds greed, hate, conceit.

Just fulfill-n selfish needs.

So, they’re complete?


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