Just Perched

nice bird

I watched, from a close vantage point,
as the morning sun followed the bare outline of the tree’s base
and up and along its adjoining branches.
A pristine, hazy blue sky covered the expanse above,
still frothy with sleep and seemingly cloudless.
All was calm and at peace for it was morning.
Just then, some tiny birds perched themselves on one of the tree’s branches.
It was the one just starting to receive and know the warmth and illumination of the sun’s breath.
My eyes focused in on the one tiny bird;
so perfect it was in roundness and tune.
It stole center stage!
All puffed up from devouring too many worms perhaps.
Had there not been enough for all?
I guess, it knew where to station itself,
gaining perfect balance and positioning, from landing first.
None other could be its equal; but of course, and for sure!
The sweet, childlike tune was too short and before long, they left to saunter elsewhere.


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