Cruel Love

Ones known for
drama shew forth.
Short-lived display
I’d say.
Much like being(s)
in a fantasy land-scape.
Only attempt to
scrape at a-others
sores – scabs.

Oh how they laugh –
scold the despair
of another ones care…!!
They’re drunk with
the blood of an
innocent women’s love.

Transparent – empty – dark
is your heart(s).
Full of woe.
U-holy – cold.
Sinister and shrewd.
Black – ugly dude(s).

Bruised skies, above,
not a tinge
of blue, found, there-in.


Cosmo darts
stem – result –
dark hearts.
Swirl a-round
as transparent,
fallen stars,
char – attempt
to cut a-other down…!!
Brow of the beast(s)
ready for a female
Cut n slice.
with-o a notion
to consider reserve.

Beg your mercy.
God hears the
plea of these.
He sees.
He knows.
Their needs.
Should – darkened soul
bid pardon for, thus
young ones, apparent,
(I laugh,

(And, openly,


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