Page – head – Turner

Never turn same page twice.
Scars are in the past.
Future shows hope at last.

Never look back once I’m gone.
Thought of this just would be wrong.
This tune keeps me going on.

Never see future look-n back.
Wind’s push-n me onwards.
Home’s where place my, cowboy, hat.

Never know where next I’ll be.
Freedom calls; done with scoff.
Fear – lonely life pipes in light o’
– recurrent strife.

Gave it, all, my best.
Kept form-n duress.
Shadows darkened the room.
Arrows aimed at our heart(s).

She’d call others when I was gone.
Kept – doubting – this –
meant to be, you n I.

W-h-a-ever, so long; be see-n you s-time.
When ya famous – brag knew yr. name…!!


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