: Shyness

true statement on shyness

Shyness is a condition of the mind that

builds in proportions where fear resides.


Shyness puts a hole in your heart before love can start.

And never allows for the joy a relationship – friendship

could bring.

Shyness causes physical conditions unseen.  Like gripping

self-doubt – inner turmoil – physical/emotional pain….

repetitively…over and over again.


Shyness marks you with a face painted pale – weak – or frail.

But you’re really the opposite- I’ve been there, know this..

I can tell.


Shyness is a world outside – separate from our own.

It owns that occupant with fears hidden – unspoken.


Shyness doesn’t ever let up.  Reminds you’re not like the

rest.  Life is a battle; continual u-rest.


Life is left in shatters before having a chance to believe…

receive…learn…and grow.   Shyness leaves you an empty–

saddened soul.


Shyness will lead others to judge – misconstrue- misinterpret

you.  You also do this too.  But the truth is you’re beautiful.


Shyness will paste labels on you.

You’ll hear words like: selfish recluse –

haughty – aloof – a wimpy goof.

You’re feelings inside they’re sometimes hard to hide.

If to open a valve the tears would pour out.


Oh…she never grew up…can’t talk with her

what would others think;

she’s just that reclusive thing!!


You may vegetate day and night

until your emotions become raw.

Chew on sadness – hurtful words – loss opportunities.


You’ll wonder if you’ll ever rid yourself of this pain; feel wholeness,

live life u-refrained.


In your head before and after encounters with another you’ll ask

yourself if you’ve said things right.  Wonder if all hates your life…

but you know you do….

Shyness is self-doubt – alienation – starvation for conversation.

You keep beating yourself up until you’re raw even though you’re

the softest person of all…Your heart just tends to pound harder

that’s all….


Shyness is a web in your head.

A whole in your heart.  Loss from the start.

But you’ll grow; you’ll conquer those decrypt emotions.

There is an end; It’s not forever my friend.

These feelings – thoughts will fully dissipate, subside.


Shyness is not a sigh of lack of maturity.

Most will need some down time to

enjoy the tranquility of their own thoughts –

replay their essence and interpret,

review life’s meanings.


Frustrations can – do mound up quickly and

down time gives you the chance to

re-evaluate – contemplate – focus again.

Your feeling good or bad are never

wrong.   Feeling are like an imaginary dragon’s breath

that spills out dungeon us fumes…

Those fuses aren’t wrong they’re just there.

Oh they can be colorful too; a bouquet of

flora’s packaged in hopes for tomorrow.


We all like to fantasize – dream – of living life on the edge, to the extreme.

But eventually life has to intrude on our fantasy world.


How much you’re willing to apply yourself…

work to develop what you’re good at…

eventually can become your success story….


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