Star-light Beauty


You’re the star-light in my u-h-eyes.

Said – you’re the star-light in my u-h-eyes.

No – wouldn’t want to loose you n-h-ow.

Said- never wanna loose ya n-h-ow.

You’ve got what I want -yo.
Let’s get a little closer babe.
Hold me a little tighter now.

You’re the hope I see -yo.  You stabilize me -oh.
You’re got what I need -o-h.  Babe want u so -oh.
No- never com-prom-rise.
Babe – never going hurt y-you h.

Oh-ho-oh-ho. Oh-h-oh-no.

Oh-ho-oh-ho. Oh-h-oh-no.

No-never g-tear y-u-h-eyes.
Y-u know: l-you too much for that.
My heart belongs to you-h-o.
So in love with you-yo.

Don’t leave my side o-h.
Y-u know wotcha, need ya, so-ho.
Oh-o oh-o.  Oh-o  oh-o

Your beauty in my u-h-eyes h-o.
Capsuled all those st-a-r-s o-h.
Wanna be with you-ho.
Can’t be without yo-h.

O-oh. o-ho.  O-oh  o-ho.
O-oh. o-ho.  O-oh  o-ho.

Cos you’re – star-light in my u-h-eyes.
You’re – star-light in my u-h-eyes.
Never want another n-o.
You’re all see – yo.
Babe – ask-in – be me t-nigh-i-hgt?
Say you’ll stay: my star-light.


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