Potty Boy


Potty time boy.
Machines go v-room – v-room.
Bulldozer.  Backhoe.  Dump truck.
They push, scoop, and dump dirty diapers!

On rainy days I am wet.  I wear diapers.
On sunny days I am dry.  I wear batman underpants.

Around the tub, I see a tiny orange bulldozer.

A yellow backhoe.  And a green dump truck.    

Underwear pull up and down at potty time.
Little underwear.  Big underwear.

On the window-sill, I see a tiny red fire truck.

Small potty.  Tall potty.  Kitty potty.

On the floor, I see a purple car towed.

Sit down on the potty.  Or stand, face the potty.
When I face the potty I spray.
Roll unfolds with a pull.
Kitty chases toilet paper.  “No, no.”
Lid goes up.  Lid goes down.  “All done.”
“Time to flush.”  Whirr – whirr goes the toilet.

I see five toilet rolls. 

One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five.

The End


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