Happy Valentine’s Sleepy one!


Down in the valley, where the green grass grows,

a little turtle was there.  What do you know?

He was sleeping quietly until…

out from the still, Mr. Snail fell o’er his shell.

I’m sorry my dear sir he said, with a grin, I’m a slithery Lil whim.

I’ll continue on my way; good luck with the rest o’ your day!

Then out from the tall grasses a rabbit does peek.

He steps on a log, sees the turtle fast a-sleep.

Now, you know he couldn’t find, with his bushy tail,

where to drop all the mail along this trail.

Dear Sir, I apologize, I’ve interrupted your sleep.

Please take your mail; go back in your shell.

Shsss….he’s now back to sleep a-gain!

This time a Lil o’ hen disturbed him a-gain.

She was walking along, fell o’er a log, where turtle had stalled.

Get up you goof, she remarked!  It’s still mid-day.

Naps are for infants and tired children, after their play.

Get up, get up, she was getting rough!

What’s all the guff, bother and ruffle?

Valentine’s here, we all need to scuffle. Here’s your treat.

Please pass these along to everyone you meet.

Up than down.  Ta-ta turtle, smile, don’t frown.

Gain a gnat.  Sat on a, small, mat.

Tall, taller, and tallest.

He now stands tall against a sun-drenched back drop.

Hills are a great escape.  A lover’s gate.

Small, smaller, and smallest.

You’re so small Lil inch worm.

You’re even smaller crawly ant.  Take this stamp.

Mail this Valentine to your aunt.  Sweet, crawly ant!

Cos it’s fun to be friendly, in a happy way, on Valentine’s Day.

I just stopped by to say HAPPY VALENTINES to all, and have a great day!


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