Thanksgiving Day

thanksgiving picture

Thanksgiving only comes once a year.
I’m thankful for the ones to call dear.
For mom’s apple pie.
For harvest, now, bundled, stored.
Turkey aroma that fills the air by five.
A pumpkin set aside to prepare for pies.

For autumn leaves piled high on lawns.
Atmosphere, scene, adds warmth, cheer.
Billowing clouds emboss His signature.
Outlines sun catchers’ illumines.
Graced a-mid soft blue hues.
Picturesque, classic this holiday.

A candle-light delight whilst flicker at night.
Turkey pumpkin gutted, painted with expression.
For joyous peace His presence brings….
A love that abides always…
Shadows from trees extensions of His blessings.
Young birds dance branch to branch – leaves rustling.

Thanksgiving is a place, a time to enjoy all He has given.
Memories to gather, cherish on this honorable day.
I’m thankful for poetry that expresses all these…!!
Smiles, good cheer.
Hug family, friends that are near.


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