Single Birds Soar

barren trees

Amid the sheet white sky.
There goes my roots floating by.
Just like some ole jelly fish.
An octopus loose in the sea.
My roots are free.
Dirt was never, very, becoming.
Buried, blurred, all my potential.
Choked by plants.
Competing for nutrients.
In freedom, I feel much more at ease.

So there’s my sky.
A canvas to paint – decorate.
There I go emerged in it.
Single as a bird with wings.
Free, chirping branch to branch.
Tree to tree.
Hey, seems the best way to be.
I’m so cute.
May be hard to keep hopefuls away.
But I’ll give it a whirl.
Make the best of it.
See where it leads me.

Grounded, the earth appears the same.
As evergreen leaves, singularly, strip.
Lay stranded on the hardened, cold, floor.
Trees branches no longer decorated.
The trunk barren by exposure.
Somber mode heightens realism.
Autumn in death.
Winter does encroach.

I whilst not sigh or resign.
I love the feel of cool crisp air.
Doth clear the lungs.
The white snow so welcoming.
Everything appears new, pristine.
Vision remains vibrant from here on in.
This your circumstance
enjoy, float, be…!!

Poet: Colleen Kelbert – Canada


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