Coterie of Cysts

It’s all so tidy.
Stress hidden by walls.
Face falsifying grace.
Lies replacing truth.
Facsimile such a truce.
Bend, sway for notable hearsay.
Compromise is a prize.
Revere popularity, position.
Love dips in disparity.
Nuggets comprise of who’s who.
Salivate o’er e-others muse.
Common ground a stable ground.
Desire is left unbound.

Words start to taunt.
Dialogue heard on repeat.
Soluble capsules dissolve cure.
Unfurled roses start to curl.
Crowns an empire less desirable.
Flaky snowflakes blur defining lines.
Hope spirals to the ground.
Weight of gain proves minimal.
Life dissolves of pride and fame.
There’s Lit comfort to feed the pain.


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