Beauty in Canvas

ivory nude

Adeline roses, breast unveils loveliness.
Ivory, chestnut colors define cherub figures.
Instrument(s) of solidarity (a mandolin, a violin…?) imply song.
Oh rose. A lover’s rose? Pedals unfold.
Perfection in image one’s lover, enviably, knows.
Plum like bodies draped by silk or sheer modestly.
Undertones of sensually understood, embraced?

Mortal form the likeness of a cherub above.
Artist, musician, poet signify one.
As sensuality drips from the pen.
And movement of grace resounds in place.
Visual loveliness nude cherubs expose.
Flaws notable perfection in works of art.
Vines extend, entwine, green hues dab the scene.
Tanned, ivory, roses disclose to revere beauty.


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