Transferable Movement

light snow forest

Speech in silence moves with restful slumber.
Words a poetic symphony fluctuate musically
as thoughts draws life nearer, nearer.

Movement on the ocean, poetic surface disperses
in circular motion.  By touch opens, opening wider,
as roses breathe in freedom, free-yer, free-yer.

Snow falls, is falling, wistfully, blissfully,
light as air. White obscures as flakes turn,
dance mid the breeze blowing, blowing.

Wind anticipates, resists change, ever
fluctuating in intensity. Leaves sway brighten,
darken then spiral to the ground, ground.

Clouds move a-mid – expanse above shifting
position within, with-o disappearing, disappearing.

Your hand’s grasp is larger in mine, mine.
Ever to enfold, unfold Your love, love.
Peace, peace. Purpose, purpose – divine.


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