My husband – My confidant, Happy Birthday

coffee heart

Happy birthday hon.
Your love satisfies always.
Our hearts blend as one – in loving union.
Two roses – in a vase – symbolic of our love.
You’re the caption my heart searches for.

You’re my every desire.
Can’t get enough it seems.
With you moments embody
endless satisfaction.
A capsule of, reflective, gilded light.
To reminisce, savor, end-less-Ly.

Love to you always.
My love, my companion.
The years have passed by so quickly.
Just remembering our
togetherness – our tenderness.
It is the joy that life brings.

Happy birthday, hugs, to you hubby.
This emblem, an expression
of my love to you.
Two roses – in a vase – hearts close.
Your wife – your confidant.


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