Wake Up Society…!!


No, I’ve ne’er read, ne’er plan to read, fifty shades of gray.
Is this really the society I’m living in – embracing such rubbish?
How will girls learn self-respect whilst others view them as meat?
Sexual scars – wounds go deep and ne’er erase easily.
What is the matter with society – like seriously?

It is true a woman – women – are formed beautifully.
Should they harbor deep pain as men repetitively abuse them?
With-o love the scenery is just common piggery.
The heart’s n soul of, loose, men n women bleed needlessly.
Infrastructure crumbles while they pass on one to another STD.

I have headline news to offer you…!!
Good sex starts with a whole, pure heart.
Bonded, for life, with their significant other.
Common sense – decency, all, too often, is left on the self today.
As value is seen in perfection of physique rather than depth of love.


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