Cat’s Meow Christmas

cat santa

clip-art photo

Poetry challenge: Christmas poem.



that jolly tree

will know my demise.

(The view sucks anyway)

It’s mine, that spot you prefer

nearest the fire…!! There’s my fir.

My claws could scrape your bumps.

A belly rub I never get.  I’ve had nuff.

Gird – warmth, love expressed in Dec…?

This idea clogs my fir and curdles my milk.

Now you’ll need to brush and stroke it out.

You are yet to offer the catnip that I expect.

A tin of tuna is fine too. O-wise my nails may

define upholstery or carpet cos they’re sharp.

Now to tip my paws in yew tea or coffee.  Just

any beverage whilst please.  Wads of fluff I’ll

donate to yaw-all for Christmas.  As I line the

litter box by the pound.  Need a pen to write

this list down?  I’ll take my milk n cookies

by the fire.

And you’re


as always.


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