Christ(x)mas…scratch it.


It’s Christmas time.
Everywhere I go I hear
that word…Christmas.
Let’s, just, cut that word
down to size. Gouge
it out like a-others eye.

It’s Christmas time.
Christmas. Christmas.
I hear a chime – a dime
emptying outta my pocket.
N-thin is left by the end

It’s Christmas time.
I see a star in the east.
No…it’s just the glint of
my credit card swiping.
Ekes…scratch. Oh my
credit card…C-Christmas!

It’s Christmas time.
That’s right! All is to
blame by that name. Not
a blotch on myself…not this
top notch…C-Christmas!

S-one quick change
that name…to Xmas.
Cause I’m outta here
as the curtain closes.
Oops, where’s Santa?


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