The Poet – Poetess


Poetry –
The art of communicating
love, hope and brotherly peace.

Poetry –
The words defined in colors one finds.

Poetry –
A tender flora to capsule for tomorrow.
Bookmarked in place.

Poetry –
A word spoken as apples of grace.
Ruddy appearance of one’s face.

Poetry –
Movement, transference, fluency,
liquid dialect. Centuries of verse.

Poetry –
One’s hope for tomorrow captured in marrow.
A guiding light Bourne of flight.
A small stream, ever, trickling.

Poetry –
The love of self – life – liberty.
The warmth of family and friends expressed.

Poetry –
A haze to capture as it moves.
Transference of feelings universal.
Experience universally understood.

A walk along a pathway ambitious.
Off comes the flowers – Mothers spring stems.
Oh the scenery one pictures them in.

Now waves rage through my lungs.
Rise and pour in as the ocean flows.

Mother earth stop your noise…!
Give this poetess some peace.


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