Hug our Differences

You’re not too tall.
I’m not too small.
You’re not too wide.
I’m not too thin.
You’re not too shy.
I’m not too talkative.
Quiet is nice sometimes.
Chatting is chatter-box fun.

Some feet are big.
Some feet are tiny.
Some hair is long.
Some is fuzzy.
Like a Puffy Fluffy hamsters.
Some is short and prickly.
Like a pink piglet.
Pigs aren’t smelly. They’re cute.
But the farm floor is.

We should hug our differences.
And love everything.
Just how it was made.

So, the pink piglet doesn’t need a long wig.
The fuzzy hamster doesn’t need a shave.
Feet are sized to fit our bodies.
The tall helps reach things for the small.
The small helps reach things for the tall.

The old remind the young how things are done.
The young remind the old to have some fun.
This is what my grandma said.
And she’s always right – goodnight.


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