A Boy’s colorful bath-time !

 tub time


I’m just a Yellow duck in a sudsy bathtub.

I’m just a row boat.  Floating in Blue water.
Ripples form as I row.

I’m just a tub boat.  Chug – Chug – Chug

I’m just a Green turtle.  I’m little. Not big.
I’m a big green alligator.  My mouth opens.
Snap- Snap.

I’m just a Purple octopus.  Count the legs.
There is eight.  That’s right!

One – two – three and four.
Five – six – seven and eight.

I’m just a tiny car.  I’m a tiny Yellow bus.
With many windows.  Five on each side.

I’m an Orange backhoe.  I scoop and lift.

I’m a Red bulldozer.  A blade drops to scrape.

I’m a Yellow crane.  I lift the bathtub plug.

I’m just a squirrel.  On a tree.
I’m Brown.  Like brown dirt.
I’m just tall, green, grass.
I sway in the wind.
I’m just a hatchling.  In a round nest.
A speckled wobblier feeds me.

I’m just a towel.  I’m covered in white.
Wet feet stomp the rug.
I brush my teeth and hair.

Tub-time Poem:

Paddle, waddle in water and what?
Paddle, waddle, water is wet.
Paddle, waddle – waddle around.
Don’t forget where the soap is found.

Paddle, waddle in water and what?
Paddle, waddle with a duck or truck.
Paddle, waddle water is fun.
Many light bubbles float along.

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles
go far n wide.
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles
reach to the sky.
Down flutters a butterfly.
Then up on a bubbly cloud.
Zoom goes an airplane.
Catching many bubbles.
That pop – melt and say goodbye.


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