Differences are Good

Tall dog.
Small dog.
Skinny dog.
Fat dog.

Stripy cat.
Rug mat.
Purring cat.
Huge cat.
Tall as a dog cat.
Tiny little kitten cat.
In the kitchen.
Wears oven mittens cat.
Well, how about that!

Puffy Fluffy critter.
Thin, long, wet, reptile.
Kind of prickly fellow.
Sliding on your belly mellow.
Open to the meadow legato.

Fat toad.
Skinny frog.
Tiny tadpole.
Round lily pad.

All is green.
In this pond.
The trees.
The seaweed.
Mossy green logs.

Tall plants.
Small plants.
Red tomatoes.
Brown potatoes.
Green cucumber.
Green beans.
Green lettuce.

Many rabbits like green lettuce.
In they go to grandma’s garden.
“Thanks.” “These taste good.”
“Out,” Say’s grandma with a shout.

Now what would you say?
Skinny dogs are such a rage.
Everyone is thin these days.
You should also be this way.
“Not if I can have my way.”
“I like to eat.”
Says a girl who is sweet.

Big people. Tall people.
Some very small people.
We all fit into this scope.
This globe is our world.
Do you plan to kick any out?
Only if they’re an astronaut.

Noisy people. Quiet people.
Very nice and tidy people.
Boy, I’m glad we’re all so diverse.
Without our differences we’d
all look the same.
But we all share the same play mat.
Even in cold or warm climates.

Cheery people. Drear people.
Not so near people.
I guess sometimes you need your space.
But you don’t need a different place.
Everyone is so great.
Between us all.
We need to each stay unique.
If every toy was the same.
Would you want to play today?

When you play a strum.
I’ll write you a poem.
And some will paint what they see.
Some may even make baked treats.
But we all need to join hands.
To make life loads of fun.

So long. It’s time to close this book!


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