Many Colorful Things To See


Brown is the donkey that goes hee-haw.
Down the lane I heard him clop.
What other things are brown?
A kangaroo. A cow. A coati.

Multi-colored is this cocky turkey.
Soon it will be Halloween.
Many orange pumpkins I see.

What other things are multi-colored?
A feathery parrot with a large beak.
On her arm I heard him speak.
Talk about the colors he’s got!

A cockatoo. A peacock. A parakeet.
They are, all, colorful too.

Have you seen a purple balloon?
Go a way up, up in the sky.
Then disappear into the thin air.

You may not have seen a purple balloon.
But you may have seen slouchy pink socks.
While you twirled and whirled.
And went zoom and then boom – boom.
Right on your bum.
A rump a bump – bump.

Have you seen a yellow banana?
Made for monkeys and you to eat.
That taste is kind of sweet.

At noon, the sun is yellow.
And bright. Then it is hard to see.

During weekdays I see a yellow bus.
That kids climb into to go to school.
I wave goodbye to my brother and sister.
Rhyming words are fun for play.

Plate – ate
Gate – wait
Sit – knit
Sing – ting

Can you think of some more rhyming words?

Save – waste
Sun – run
Bike – trike
Take – rake

Can you name the colors you heard?
Brown Orange Multi-colored
Purple Pink Yellow

If you paint try, all, those colors.
Painting makes great artistry.
Then post it up for all to see.


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