Lets Catch Fish

Swim fish swim.
But not in my sandwich.

Swish fish swish.
But not in my brown bucket.

Fish swim near the yellow net.
Will they toss in a ball?

Bait sway fish.
To take a bite.
Bait looks nice.
To hungry fish.

Smart fish never care.
They wish you weren’t there.
They watch the clock.
See when you leave.

Some bait is heavy. And silvery.
Some tiny. Or big.
Some dull. Or shiny.

Some bait is orange.
And round.
Or rectangular.

Some bait is pink.
Or purple.
Some is stripy blue and red.
All have feathers.
Fish want to bite.
But not the hook!

Jump fish jump.
Fish jumps over an oar.
Over the loud motor.
But not on the hook.
Or in my boat.

Don’t be shy fish.
Say hi fish.
I like fish.
But not the bones and guts.


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