A Big cracker for a Small hamster


Puffy Fluffy, the hamster, chews the bars of his cage.
“You want out a-gain little one,” mom says…!?
Course he will want out.
He likes to explore the outside world.
And, so, out he comes to sneak from room to room.
He likes to come out.

It is good for him to get away from his cage sometimes.
It is almost like his morning jog.
The way he, quickly, travels around the house.
He goes as fast as his tiny feet will take him.
Zoom – zoom.
He now stops in the living room.
He is close to my feet.
But “you can’t catch me now,” his glance says.
There he goes. He hurries past.
He’s on an adventure that now pays off.
His little rump and hind feet wangle.
He works his way into a box.
That box isn’t very big. It has what he wants.
The entrance is just a little bigger than Puffy himself.
And out Puffy Fluffy pulls an awfully big cracker for his tiny size.
Down it goes chomp – chomp.
He ate one big cracker…!
It was rounder and bigger than him!
And it dragged on the floor as he looked for a picnic spot.
And then he even goes for another.
But he couldn’t quite finish the whole thing.
He was getting too full.
Puffy isn’t moving as fast now.
“Puffy I think it’s time for you to go back in your cage.”
So in he goes at early morning light.
“See you at twilight Puffy”…!
After you’ve had your long day’s nap.”


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