Morn-n Song Bird






Oh, joyful expression of the poetic voice.
My morn-n cheer to sweep me off my feet.
A glance of purity in His kaleidoscope near.
A wakeful dance upon the seas of merriment.

Cast not thy cares upon me, oh weary slumber.
For it is I to traverse free of lingering burden.
The waves upon the seas sweep ~ capture me.
I am embraced by the ebb and flow of time.

The weeping willow knows no length as thus.
For in the moments that rise tis’ to rejoice.
Savor in what memories are formed by day.
His favor to rest my mortal head by evening.

Though shields of darkness shadow the moon.
An escape of early dawn whilst soon appear.
The morn-n lark to sing of sweet peacefulness.
The star that is the sun to echo in jonquil birth.


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