Just Like That



Just a sphere full of mass.

Just a chasm in the wall.

Just a baby known for colic.

Just a child known to fall.

Just a teen with time to glean.

Just a youth finding purpose.

Just a blanket covering fears.

Just a parent simulating words.

Just a person with masks to last.

Just a gale steering the mast.

Just a worm corrections unheard.

Just a woman, oh, so beautiful.

Just a drink to sip, to savor.

Just a thirst-quencher cooling heat.

Just a fun eraser easing restraint.

Just a sand castle caving in.
Just a cow sty full of cow pie.

Just a window spotty with stains.

Just a “real” imagination decorating.

Just a color to cover the gray.

Just a color to pretty the face.

Just a moment in the cosmos.

Just a frame similar but different.

Just a whirlwind rustling leaves.

Just a hole spiraling down.

Just a physical death to last.


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