Welcome Jesus! Easter and Spring (short story – ages 2-5)


The sun closes

its eyes, say’s


In the west –

down it sinks.

At night, the moon

say’s, “hi.”

The chalky, white,

arc cradles, rocks,

sings a lullaby.

A Moon-lit Wish

The moon say, “ssh.”

Quiet down little one.

I dip my rod to catch

three fish: one – two –

three.  As I rest on the

arc of the moon’s crescent

shape.  Tomorrow the sun

will light particles bright.

I to dance along in the green 

grass.  As yellow dandelions

smile and green leaves clap.

Right now I will say goodnight.

As I fish on the edge of the moon.

I make a wish for colorful fish.

Off the edge of the moon 

I catch three: one golden,

one gray – one navy blue. 

I ask God, “keep me safe.”

At morn, the sun returns.

Up it comes in the east.

The black sky turns to blue.

Tulips a-wake too.

Spring flowers come

in many colors:

yellow’s, pinks –

red’s and purples.

“Look down,

see the ground?”

“It is brown.”

Green leaves,

on tall trees,

clap to me.

In the green grass

yellow dandelions sway.

Yellow daffodil’s

attracts yellow and black


They buzz and buzz

and buzz busily.

When outside,

my dog barks

at strangers.

He guards my yard.

In my basket Easter eggs go.

One – two – three – four.

At night, I close my curtains,

and say, “goodnight!”

An Easter prayer.

Jesus above You came in love.

To hold us, all, so close to You.

Mary embraced You as a babe.

At Easter we say, “thank you.”

“Hide me from the darkness –



~ personal photos ~


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