Philosophy of the day ~ smiles


Real life is about survival.

It’s about whether you’ll

be able to take your next


It’s about whether you’ve

got the skill to make it


It’s about endurance,

often pain, sorrow, or loss.

Gain is reflective of

the skills you’ve been given.

We’re all just children.

Finding our way through the

gray matter called life.

Wondering if what we need

is a home and a wife.

Wondering if the freedom

we crave is the goal to


Knowing that the futility

of it all continues with

or without us.

The ebb and flow ne’er

disclosing hidden answers.

No one likes to travel on

the same road.

We all like the adventure

of a thoroughfare.

The breadth, the freshness,

the newness it brings.

But mistakes prove repetitive

in roundabouts it seems.

No one would will to redo

their past.

(As strength does wane.)

No one really wants to see

others left out.

A party of one is ne’er

much fun!


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