Eternal Fruit Sown

haiku image


The fruit of the cherry and the apple tree lends its fruit but for awhile for us.

But it is in His death on Calvary that an eternal home we can, all, anticipate.

Save for His blood to wash us clean none of us by hap-stance will enter in.

It isn’t what you’ve done or haven’t done it is if you’ve understood His grace.

It’s walking in peace knowing nothing can ever separate you from His love.

Considering the fact He died, on the cross, not to condemn but to save you.

Does not all fruit rot once it hits the ground? Even the beauty of this earth,

in itself, is deteriorating. The tree that produces the fruit can only survive for

so long before facing death, as well. And you, you will go to hell if you do

not acknowledge His love sacrifice.


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