Stacking Alphabet’s


A is for acorn trees.


crunch – crunch

under my feet.

A is for animals.

And autumn.

And, ripe, apples.

B is for barn.

Brown doors open wide.

Inside are bales of hay.

C is for cowboy’s.

And for cattle.

The cows

moo – moo

in the tall, grassy, fields.

D is for dandelions –

springtime’s flower.

D is for drivers.

And divers.

And dancers.

E is for eggs

at Easter time.

Colorful eggs fill

my basket.

I see yellow,

brown, green, red

and orange eggs.

F is for farms.

And fields.

And flowers.

I gave a friend a flower.

“Thanks,” she said.

H is for home.

And houses.

And hats.

H is for helpmate.

I stack round hay bails.

And rectangle hay bails.

M is for milk.

For mice

and Miss Kitty.

Miss Kitty easily catches mice.

Their tiny eyes, ears, wiggly nose

are so cute!

Their fur is soft and warm.

Want to hold one?

Oh, no!

Noon is a good time to take a nap.

Numbered hay bails I will count.

I add up sheep, too, in my sleep.

I see five.

Six, seven

eight, nine, ten.

Now it’s time to get up again.


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