Lovely Women – Earth’s Bounty

A touch of gold upon crystalline

waters – Oh, women, mother earth.


Morning’s star – evening’s grace…

lovely beauty, resplendent place.

Shine thus bright, oh delicate one.


Ribbons of lust – thirsty eyes drink;

child of beauty mimics natures scenery.


Nourishing summer streams in hues of blue.

As the golden sunset lays upon her skin.


Mother adorns in autumns treasure chest rustics;

but lusty color lingers always in auburn maidens.


Ribbons of lust linger in your auburn hair;

mother adorns autumn so well.


Thy swan’s river – rivers of ebony…

Cast not thy gate to hell…

Liken thy love to thy lovers pathway.

Oh, nature walk with me.


Thou flourishing rose whilst ne’er end…

Time has begun to wash the sand…

to filter out thy impurity.

Thy beauty, oh women, is ageless.


Even unto death thy

exquisite auburn beauty

remains –

know that we were blessed.

(written very fast; will finish later – I’m not on the computer for long during the day!)


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