The City Has A Soul…


The city has a life of its own.

Therein, breath quiets your breath.

As orange tears, rain, filter out the grey.

Every day is a new beginning.

To witness, a sunrise is to dampen the eyes!


And the night’s are full of surprise.

As a parade of lights cascade as stars.

Each one appearing where it was the night before!

The walkway’s turn an emerald blue at dusk.

Each step one takes a sketch of artistry….

echoing at dawn or twilight.


Shadowy visions are brushed away with a cities lights!

A synchronized, rhythmic flow takes a hold of one’s soul…

never to let go to allow one to leave the city…

For wherewith, your birth was seen…

and in your death, it will consume.


Still, the waters transcend, always, the same…

never seizing from day to day, but remain.

As watercress sprout along tunnelled corridor pooled ravine.

From such towering peaks that gush at evening’s tide. 

Such is the passing of endless light.

Amazed at the sync-racy the pulse enters the vein.

All rise – fall, together, automatically.

The city has a soul!


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