Learning my colors !!!

Fields in shades of purple are on display.

Dainty little buds glow in the sun light.

Some farmers plant these flowering plants.


Have you visited a lavender farm in spring or summer?


At home, a lavender potpourri bag adds scent to the air.

By hanging them on a door knob or anywhere with a small hook.

Maybe at the entrance nook.


These bags go in your cloth’s drawer too.


But a small, triangular shaped, lavender bag is to soothe.

While placed near your pillow at night.

Or covering your eyes and blocking out any light.


I like purple !


When it lights up the sky with fireworks.

Or pops over my mouth with bubblegum stickiness.

Sometimes I dress like a purple princess.

My brother, he’s the purple Statesman.

And under these purple play blankets I hide.

This tent will serve as my home for now.




Purple bubblegum. Purple blankets.

Purple bags.

Purple fields and lavender sunset sky.




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