Colors and counting with me at the sea (preschool)

toes in sand





In this scenic seaside storybook.

children easily grasp key words:

Up, Down, Around and Through.

See all the colors at the beach?

And I add my fingers and toes!



I see one yellow sun!

Mom, can we have some fun?

Let’s go to the beach!


I bring my green beach towel.

And my two orange water wings.

So I can float in the water.


See – see?


I see a sail boat.    A row boat.    And a fishing boat.


Rock to fro

in the deep blue ocean.


I count

one, two, three.



See – see?


I see grey dolphins.

One, two, three, four

rise and dive.



Look mom, look!


One, two, three – four and five seagulls.

keow – keow

as we pass by.


“What color are they,” asks mom?

White and grey.


They have red circles around their eyes!

And they have orange beaks.


They spread their wings

a way UP high.


DOWN they swoop to find some food.


My ten toes go red


the sand.


Soft sand sifts


my ten fingers.


One, two, three, four, five.


Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


I rinse off my hands

and dip my feet

in the cool ocean.


I shake the sand off my towel and me.

Now it’s time to leave.


I wave goodbye to my, new, beach friends.

Next time, I may see them again.



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