I’m doing my laundry, yes!





And now to sing of the joy’s a new washing machine brings.


For one thing, I’ll not be going to the laundromat anymore,

as I have been for the last two, to, three weeks.

On a happy note, though, I made a discovery; we have one in our small town!

This place, the laundromat, may also be the best one there is around!


With the consideration of buying a new machine,

we’d thought to check out a few places first;

but this turned out to be more of an agitation…



As we’d just ended up purchasing the first one we’d seen;

but once returning, to the store, the price had risen in just over a week.

My husband proved this with his receipt…

So I said, “this is not the price it was originally.”

His idea of putting one on hold, since he was in the area, was good.

But why couldn’t he’d seen the price difference?

And so in noticing this, of course, he’d asked me to check this out, ugh.

And I did say, on hold. As there was none apart from the floor model available.

And my husband wanted one packaged and in a box; as that way it’d be easier to transport.

Originally, if they had had more then just the floor model there, we wouldn’t’ve

kept looking, as, we would have bought it on the spot.

When first seeing this machine, also, the sales women had totted,

“these sale prices, we always have those,”

and, that, these sale prices “you’ll always see those.”

Could she not have mentioned that the sale’s prices fluctuate?

And that in a day or two the “sales price” would be different.

I found that out after returning to the store to inquire of our machine,

the price, and how long it would be before one came in…

Interestingly enough, we do shop there quite a bit.

And no, I don’t wish to back lash their reputation by telling you

of this place. “It’s a furniture store, there.”

And so, we kept waiting for our machine to come in, ever, watching the clock!

But finally the call came, so today I gave it a spin.

It’s really no different then the one we’d had!!

But like everything else, in sequence, it decided it was “finished.”

This model is a whirlpool, not a Samsung; as I’ve heard they’re no good.

In washing a load, with that brand, the drum may very well exit through the roof.

Ta – ta and that is my recovery story, from a laundry dilemma, on this day.


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