Dreaming of Tulips



To my chagrin, winter’s not over yet…

And to welcome the day heavy white



February petals, laden and white…

cascade in the morning light….

Far and near the world softens

in hue…

Coffee is on…perking in tune…

to the sound of the rhythm’s this morning brings.



Big, fluffy snowflakes, large ornate drink umbrellas, downside,

dart and sway…linger – dangle, dance and play here, there,

in the atmosphere, my surrounding’s today.



Can a tulip not grow – bud in the snow?

Add some color just for show.

Or will it freeze in the cold…?

Amidst the chill of stubborn winter.


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of Tulips

  1. Oh Colly, I live in Texas and I am still yearning for our first snowflakes….I still have not had a fire in the fireplace. We had the air conditiner on at Christmas . I still have not worn my coat yet… I would just like to have a couple of days of winter…Because I don’t want your tulip to die… Could you just ask for a little snow for Texas??? lol

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      1. We are right in the very middle of the USA. Flooding is on the West coast, snow and hurricanes are on the east coast and it is in the 70’s here beautiful!!!We have really bad tornados in the spring but the rest of the year we are hot or mild. with a few days of snow which is usually gone the next day!

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        1. Oh, thanks so much for the informative reply; so I guess you’re quite happy with your location then. I love the fact that the US has Trump as President…I’m hoping it will mean prosperity (and protection) for all. 🙂

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          1. to protect our Christian values.I am so very happy Trump won. He’s a Christian man that is going to protect our Christian Judeo values. He will nominate a Christian conservative Supreme court Justice that will keep our values safe for many years to come. We had millions of Christians praying about the elections..


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