Cat Travesty



My cat has an affinity for shredding paper…

That and resting atop my computer…

As letters, symbols, numbers stream across my URL bar…

And my scroll bar hides from view.

The window – screen freezes in place;

flips sideways rather than upright!


Repetitively she demands to have her way…

Protesting rather than trying to behave…

To allow her owner to have screen time;

this seemingly was not on her mind…

She’d rather squat – transverse my efforts.

Giving in to her twisted pleasure.


This evening she wasn’t of sound mind…

She showed no composure she couldn’t unwind.

Up and down the hallways she raced…

Tail all puffed – stanch, upright.


And it’s during these moments I appreciate my woollies…

my cozy footsies that keep my feet from bleeding.

Yes, bleeding as on impulse and a swat she’ll file her nails,

savagely, with my bare flesh.


I can say that with this cat – this kitten, I’ve acquired a lot

of new slippers. My latest pair are from a craft’s fair…

Hand knitted one’s have such flair…

My feet welcome such a treat!

Even though they’re tangerine.


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