Spring at Last !

cutsie tree


With the rain and the warmth of the sun,

the snow is melting,

except for in a few places here and there.

The earth now embrace’s the shelter of the sun’s warmth!

And as it rains the dullness washes away as new growth is seen.

The feeders, in my yard, recently topped-up are welcoming birds.

The house finch and Dark-eyed Junko,

the Chickadee, oftentimes too,

traverse from branch to branch.

To where the food is found,

in the bird houses and on the ground.

With the suet cage attracting the

Canadian Flicker and Red-breasted Nuthatch.

As they peck repetitively,

filling – mouthing morsels to eat.

Yes, finally the signs of spring is here!

The bud’s and flora’s to flourish with time.


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