Enough is Enough


It is enough…

when breath is taken away. Continue reading “Enough is Enough”


Unanswered Question(s)

fire toasty


Could it be that people try to build in their mind’s their own ideologies

in order to forfeit the “gospel truth?”  No matter how strong a wall or

barricade you put up, to line yourself against a faith, doesn’t mean you’ll

come out ahead.  Life doesn’t just give you the answer’s though – does it.

But one thing’s for certain life will always be and always has been fragile.

And all those material things people collect will not cushion their ride to the

“other side.”

* thoughts anyone…you may want to express…?

Death to Life


People don’t need a reason to hate anymore.

Hate being the summary of discrimination.

In a world that likes to categorize its mass.

Its infiltration towards censoring our faith.


As ones on foreign soil are being executed.

Being murdered to kill off outdated views.

Oh, there’s freedom to adhere to mandates.

To instill a new world order of government.