Pen’s Tip – haiku


If you stick to the point…

you may never find the river that’s poetry.

But if you find chivalry, is that camaraderie?


Encapturing Web


She spun many webs


 It was her artistry…

Her mastery.

Entrapment was her goal.

To feed on the helplessness

of the innocent.

Those who haplessly fell

in her trap.

Swiftly she moves to weave

a net over their form.

Immovable, she whilst feast.

She starts with their eyes.

Then nibbles at their feet.

Their death is her venison.

A petition she sends to many

of these. Come, feed me!

Death to Life


People don’t need a reason to hate anymore.

Hate being the summary of discrimination.

In a world that likes to categorize its mass.

Its infiltration towards censoring our faith.


As ones on foreign soil are being executed.

Being murdered to kill off outdated views.

Oh, there’s freedom to adhere to mandates.

To instill a new world order of government.

Mass(ive) Cave-In

Under this roof…
is there truth?
Is there food…
to feed your soul?
Is there hope…
on the shelves?
Is there life…
not abundance of strife?
Is there growth…
not piles of debris?
Is there love…
not precepts thrashed?
Why not just go and bask…
in a mass emptied by greed?
This a home with rotten seeds?
Oh, the madness we, all, plant.

Cow Gal Photographs

re-blog post


Your dear butt ox is on my property.
Gonne stay if I take a shot or two…?
Hey cattle boy I’m close to the road.

Ne’er der bitch hear of a boulevard?
The cows peer at the cow gal lover.
Say-n, “best be moos-n on missy.”

Der shots they aim for her rawhide.
Photography can be risky business.
Even if trying to photo a few cows.

Controlled against her will she left.
Daily afternoon randomness shed.
So much for cattle folk’s kindness.



Just Like That



Just a sphere full of mass.

Just a chasm in the wall.

Just a baby known for colic.

Just a child known to fall.

Just a teen with time to glean.

Just a youth finding purpose.

Just a blanket covering fears.

Just a parent simulating words.

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