faith message

cutsie tree

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Hope ~ eternal fellowship

with Him if to


His love.

Life ~

His footprints,

in the sand, remind

that His body was broken

for us, on Calvary.  Have you

accepted His love plea?  To walk

along-side Him, in this life, and

the one

to come?

It is love that brought Him to the cross.

Love that, ever, yearns for our company.

A love that supersedes all of our wrongs.

With healing wing, He will renew within.

Hope ~ a fellowship to forever remain

if we will just return to Him.

Accept His birth and death.

That He so willingly

came to save us.


But if we confess our sins to him, he is

faithful and just to forgive us our sins

and to cleanse us from all wickedness.


Extension of His Love

haiku post


What transcends the breath

of time…

it is His love, pure, divine?


What gives hope amidst turmoil

and grief…

it is His comfort, ever embracing?


What is more then able to restore…

it is His touch and this I long for?


What do mortals need to know…

it is His hand’s – heart and soul,

outstretched, extended, for us all?”

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His Love Extended

haiku image


Thank you Lord for being there…

even as others didn’t care.

In those lonely hours you offered peace,

comfort and release.

Thank you Lord for healing me…

of my sorrows and disease.

Nothing can keep me from your love…

as I welcome your presence near…

Knowing that for each pain,

I’ve endured, you’ve shed a tear.

And whilst for me to be with thee…


For that I am grateful; thank you Lord.

Where would I be without your care?

I know, for me, you’ll always be there.

The Rose Petal

haiku image


Soft and silken is the petals of the rose.
Deep folds tuck in an exotic fragrance.
There’s many a colour to liven a room.
An invite to romance they encapsulate.

Sunny n wise is the rose bright yellow!
Wide as the expanse above is the blue.
Purple hides the rhythm’s of life’s tide.
But the white n red is His gift to us all.

His Timely Approach !!

haiku post


Spring-time’s here…

as gazelle frolic…

in the dell.

Blossoms pink…


on the trees.


Sleigh ridden trails…

fade away…

with melting snow –

turning wheel

to  replace.

Oh, to have known…

of those day’s !


Sunshine beams…

effortlessly warms…

with heated strobe.

Touching all –

as to revel re-birth.


Folded hands…

found on white peak

mountain’s grand…

see green a-gain !!

Winter’s chill melts, fades,

as months, weeks, day’s,

gilded, spring-like, surprise…

Spring’s Embrace

 tree with flowers

(clip-art photo)

Spring’s fashion whilst enhance.

Apple buds flora on the branch.

Pink n white canopies a-mass.

Cherry blossoms flourish-sing.

Garden flowers, in turn, gleam.

Only the bluebell sees a queen.

Iris’s fair fragrance sunbeams.


Smoother is the delicate breeze.

Spring-time will embrace these.

As nature nurtures life’s breath.

Earnestly we await tho rebirth.

Signs form along many a vine.

Lilac – lavender pastel, divine.

Hollyhock towers o’er in height.


Petunia’s, Peonies, Pansies call

chrysanthemum, rhododendron.

Tulips shine in bright surprise.

To daffodil’s Easter brings life.

As pods gently nod their head.

And mum mends thus to blend.

Oh – benefits are spring-sent!

Unanswered Question(s)

fire toasty


Could it be that people try to build in their mind’s their own ideologies

in order to forfeit the “gospel truth?”  No matter how strong a wall or

barricade you put up, to line yourself against a faith, doesn’t mean you’ll

come out ahead.  Life doesn’t just give you the answer’s though – does it.

But one thing’s for certain life will always be and always has been fragile.

And all those material things people collect will not cushion their ride to the

“other side.”

* thoughts anyone…you may want to express…?