Splish – splash: Counting Colorful Fish


counting colorful fish

~ clip-art photo ~

Splish splash, yes, bath-time!

Water pours out the spout.

My, watery, tub-boat fills up.

“Inside your boat is water?”

“Will it float?” “It may sink!”

“Oh, I just pretend.”

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A Big cracker for a Small hamster


Puffy Fluffy, the hamster, chews the bars of his cage.
“You want out a-gain little one,” mom says…!?
Course he will want out.
He likes to explore the outside world.
And, so, out he comes to sneak from room to room.
He likes to come out.

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First Crush – Sexual Awareness – ages 4 – 8


I am a tree.
In spring blossoms grow.

In autumn leaves will fall.

In spring beautiful things are seen.

Like planted flowers for show.
I am a tulip – red and white.

This one is violet.

Dark like the night.

This one is pink.

Light as a shading sky.

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