Invigorating Spring – form poetry




is plentiful in

beautiful thing’s, forming on

the vine or along branches green.

With new buds a-waiting to flourish.

The sun brings her warmth to nourish.

Garden flora’s are yet to show their heads.

All enclosed are they until the opening day!

A gust of wind sweeps away callused debris;

dry, listless, roughened by Autumn’s zeal.

Today newness invigorates the senses,

our core, our being.


Tulip’s Sing

With a tulip, you can’t go wrong.

They sing a cheery song all day long.

This rhythm is soft, a sweet melody.

Ever refreshing is their company.

O tulip, your breath is to adore.

Here you are nearest my door.

Sing tulip sing release spring.

This is true, a tulip’s eyes

are renewal’s bloom.















are they

Dog’s – Various Sweeties



Foxy and Baby (a child’s poem)


The wind blows in her hair.

She’s like a tiny teddy bear.




Caramel, cream a petticoat.

She’s soft, young n friendly.




Her mom, she’s a bit taller.

When they drop by I say Hi! 




A spring teddy bear, this little one is, walking in the breeze!

(((Her name is Foxy because her face is shaped like a fox)))


Tulip’s Color Spring



Like a drink that refreshes is the colors of the tulip.

A bountiful crop of these is sure to please in spring.

As red’s will simulate roses with sugared romance.

And yellow’s will tell of warm day’s in the sunlight.

The soft pinks are sweet, blessed, in Easter’s dress.

Yes, the colors of spring will return with the tulip.

Rose of Sharon


A rose offers time of peace…

there’s tranquility in beauty.


A rose offers blessed release.

As spring’s narcissus’s grow.


A rose offers twined tracery.

Commonality starts to show.


A rose offers sanguine hope.

His resurrection will sustain.


A rose offers pedigree creed.

Stating loveliness poetically.


A rose offers joyful company.

Mallow, soft pastels plentiful.


A rose offers May’s daffodil.

All viewers seemingly shrill.


A rose offers sway of grace.

In this I have found a place…

Spring’s Appearance

cute  cats photo

clip-art photo

This morning I sing of the sunrise.
As March approaches closer now.

Springtime flora whilst soon bud.
Mother adorns – fragrance bourn.

A colorful display lines walkways.
The evergreen yield their broach.

This morning I cherish new birth.
Of Mothers display on this earth.

Of warm sunshine distilling chill.
As March in iridescence appears.

Spring’s Advance


Only a few patches of snow blot on the ground.
Thick white fog lays low under mountain peaks.
A lone crow caws – flaps atop a lofty evergreen.

Signs of spring show forth in welcoming appeal.
The blade and the blossom discovering growth.
Spring’s grandeur inspiring an outdoor wander.

Spring’s Yellow Bosom

yellow spring

The warmth of sunlight rouses buds.
The hillside laden with yellow floras.
A shower of beauty shewn in spring.

Bright flora arise to laud April’s kiss.
Shall it rain the moisture will revive.
Dew drops to gleam on lowly pedals.

~ personal photo ~

Spring’s Landscape


The hills parade Easter’s yellow flora.
Bloomy clouds above flounce energy.
The stillness of the dell refines quiet.

The rush land to landline oft curious.
The tones intermingle in gray to yen.
April known to rain or shine brilliant.


Drink in Heat


The sun streams through my window.

A patch of warmth drenches my skin.

The heat a welcoming part of spring. 


A tea cozy cover snuggles my teapot.

Yellow fluidity strobes out the spout.

A sip of sweetness to enjoy at noon.