About: purposeful prose

A poetic sample, of my poetry, is offered below.  Please enjoy my many posts and photos, offered here on this site, welcome!  Currently, I am a mother of two teenager sons.  Whose obsession, to my chagrin, is computer gaming.

Living in Canada, I’ve resided in various places, long term, including the BC interior and Winnipeg, MB.

I have, as recent, just graduated from a health care program.  Previously, I had taken administrative accounting and hairdressing.  Hairdressing seemed to be something that many in my family showed an interest in.  But my brother Robin was the “true” stylist in the family.  In 1996, aids took his life with colon cancer.

As of this year, 2017, I am 53 years of age.  My husband of twenty years is the same.  Except he likes to amplify that he’s younger being born a month later than myself, in November of 1964.

Blogging for me is a completely new experience.  A result of my interest in poetry and this wonderful site, Poets Corner.  I look forward to sharing my photography & poetry interest with you!  Thanks for dropping by!


Rose of Sharon


A rose offers time of peace…

there’s tranquility in beauty.


A rose offers blessed release.

As spring’s narcissus’s grow.


A rose offers twined tracery.

Commonality starts to show.


A rose offers sanguine hope.

His resurrection will sustain.


A rose offers pedigree creed.

Stating loveliness poetically.


A rose offers joyful company.

Mallow, soft pastels plentiful.


A rose offers May’s daffodil.

All viewers seemingly shrill.


A rose offers sway of grace.

In this I have found a place…






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